Film – premiering at the Monumental Cinema Theater in Buenos Aires, this musical was an excuse to parade the radio stars of the time Ada Falcon, Ignacio Corsini, Pablo Osvaldo Valle, Tita Merello, Ernesto Fama…it was produced by film company Rio de Plata which was created by Francisco Canaro


Inspite of its haphazard and rushed production it was a huge success; it spurned a genre of films and the creation of radio magazines like Radio Cultura and Radio Revista…it was to be one of Canro’s few success in the film industry and the only area in which he was not successful at making money…it directed by Eduardo Morera and written by Nicolas de la LLanderas and Arnaldo Malfatti…Tito Luisardo was given good reviews by the critics and in fact it launched his career as a comedic dancer and actor…it was one of only two films which Ada Falcon would do


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