Composer, Leader, Pianist – tragically he died very young, at the age  of 27, from a lung disease but in his brief life he composed some tango which have made his name eternal….born in Buenos Aires, already as a child a great career was whispered about, of this oddly precocious, intense student…not to be confused with the Roberto Goyeneche, “El Polaco”, who interestingly would record a great hit many years later with this Goyheneche’s tango “Pompas”


Still very young, he began playing piano for silent films at the Cabildo Theater and in the small cafes in the outskirts of Buenos Aires…he began to be invited to play with prestigious orchestras in important venues like the Cafe T.V.O., the Cafe Marconi and the Cafe Gambaudi….in 1922 he was invited to accompany  the Muino-Alippi Theater Company on a tour of Spain…upon his return from Europe he put together his first orchestra which debuted at the Las Heras y Pueyrredon Plaza to great acclaim…about this time the first symptoms of his disease appeared and against  which he fought valiantly but his deteriorating condition embittered him and he became difficult to work with…sadly he was to lose the fight and he succumbed finally in the city of Cordova


  • CLICK HERE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch0J6B-WLao to hear Roberto Goyeneche sing his great hit “Pompas” written by his namesake Roberto Goyheneche (not the added letter “H” in the composer’s name)
  1. July 29th, 2011

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