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1947, October 22 – Nelly Omar Records “Desde El Alma”

Recording – recorded with the Francisco Canaro Orchestra, this was to be Nelly Omar’s biggest hit and to this day there is probably not a milonga anywhere in the world that does not play this tango….”Desde el Alma” was originally written in 1911 by 14-year-old Rosita Melo who born in Montevideo but raised in Buenos Aires…it was recorded by Roberto Firpo for the first time soon after its composition but there were infinite versions recorded thereafter however non were to be more popular than the version by Nelly Omar  …the lyrics for this version were written by Homero Manzi for the filmPobre Mi Madre Querida”


Nelly Omar (September 10, 1911 Virgo) was born in the city of Guami, west of Buenos Aires…her father, a ranch foreman, was a guitar player and friend of Carlos Gardel…very proud, she was finally helped in her career, without her asking, by Evita but when Juan Peron was overthrown, she was blackballed and had to leave the country to find work…many years later she recalled as a child seeing Gardel in her house “he was fat and his hair was straight and parted in the middle”…Rosita Melo went on to become an acclaimed pianist giving concerts in classical music in the most prestigious concert halls and winning numerous awards including one gold metal.


  • CLICK HERE to hear Nelly sing the hit version with the Francisco Canaro Orchestra….the lyrics of the opening stanza say, “dear heart, if you have been so hurt, why do you choose to cry for what is lost, to seek what you have loved, to call out for what has died…it avails nothing to be sad, you did not deserve your pain for you were noble in your love”