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1924, October 20 – The mystery of “Hotel Victoria”

On October 20, 1924, Carmen Jimenez  appearing at “La Borrachera del Tango”, with great fanfare announced the premier of a new tango “La Payasa”….the problem was that it was not new at all, but the oft copied, authorless, the mysterious “Hotel Victoria”…who wrote it?, no one know for sure…one historian says that it was played for the first time in one of the well-known carnival balls of the Politeama; another sustains that it is a tango from Córdoba which was composed by Feliciano Latasa for the opening on January 4, 1906 for the enlargement of the Gran Hotel Victoria


But other early editions of this piece do not bear any signatureat all, while still others are signed with only the initials “H. D”….In 1932, a sheet music copy on whose front cover was written “Hotel Victoria” appeared credited to one Luis Negrón…about this Mr. Negrón, very little is known….Somebody said that the tango was composed by a violinist based in Rosario named Alfredo Barone…much later the same music was copied by two Japanese composers for their song “Mizuiro No Koi” and which female singer Amachi made into a smash hit in the seventies…there is anecdotal evidence that “Hotel Vittoria” was originally an old Spanish melody which was hummed by the immigranst arriving in Buenos Aires…of one thing we are sure of, it is one of the most recorded tangos in history