Special Event – inspired by the tango “Caminito”, on this date, in the neighborhood of La Boca, in honor of its legendary composer and lifelong resident, Juan de Dios Filiberto, the street was declared officially opened…it was to become in time the mythical “Caminito de La Boca”…composed in 1926, “Caminito” was inspired by the narrow road Filiberto used to take to go to his job as a mechanic and along which, from a window, the tender voice of a young smitten girl would greet him everyday with, “Hola Juanito”…..”Caminito” would become one of the most played and recorded tangos in history…


Juan de dios Filiberto, (March 8, 1885, Pisces) born in La Boca was a descendant of a General and a Ranquel indian…this mixture of Italian and aboriginal blood was to have a great influence on his music; in fact his “Caminito” has an indian theme…as a youth Filiberto was extremely rebellious, and hostile; he was forced to leave school at the age of 9…he began a series of jobs in hard labor; as a blacksmith, a stevedore, a metal fitter but inside his head he heard music especially Beethoven“he was my music god”, he was to say later….at the age of 25, uneducated, coarse and uncouth, he did an unheard of thing, he entered music conservatory…in time a composer of some of the most beloved tangos in history was to emerge.


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