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1916, October 15 – BIRTH OF RAUL IRIARTE

Singer – (Libra) – At the peak of his popularity in the 1950s, his voice was the most requested in latin america second only to that of Carlos Gardel…he was born in the neighborhood of Barracas, Buenos Aires where already as a child he showed a love for singing…his first break came when he was featured on Radio Prieto at the age of 17 where his smooth baritone voice garnered him immediate public acclaim…other invitations soon followed; in 1938 he was recruited into Mario Azerboni Orchestra


The seminal event in his career occurred however, when  the noted composer and lyricist Oscar Rubens suggested his name to Miguel Calo who was looking for a singer for his orchestra; on May 17, 1943 he hired him and indeed it was his pairing with Calo which would groom his greatness….with Calò, he cut his first record, an Oscar Rubens creation, “Es enVano Llorar” (it is in vain to cry) which became an overnight hit….soon after, two other hits followed with “Manana Ire Temprano” and “Cada Dia Te Estrano Mas…In 1950 he made his first, highly successful tour of Latin America but it was performances in Mexico in 1956 with its delirious crowds which would render him a legend…In 1977 he quit singing to devote himself to a large restaurant he had bought in Bogotá Colombia and it is there that, following a courageous battle with a long illness, that he finally succumbed just short of his 66th birthday.