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1904, October 11 – BIRTH OF TITA MERELLO

Singer (Libra) – “my childhood was short, sad and ugly…I  saw hunger and lots of shame” she would say from the vantage point of fame and success…she admitted, without shame, to having had to resort to prostitution to survive…Tita Merello was born in Buenos Aires, her birth certificate oddly listed no mother, only a father whose profession is “cart driver”…in any case her father dies when she is still a child and a girl by the name of Ana Gianelli shows up claiming to be  Tita’s mother but nevertheless abandons her to a series of  nameless orphanages…


She had no teachers…she would mouth the words of tangos she heard on the streets and when she would sing, she was out of tune but there was something that made people stop and look up…her first foray into show business was as a chorus girl in a sordid, port theater frequented by sailors; it was the beginning of  career which mastered by an overwhelming drive, would take her to the heights of stardom…her first tangos were recorded  in 1927; her first film “Tango”, in 1933…. she would star in over forty films; in “Mercado de Abasto” she sang her great hit, “Se Dice De Mi”….she was to be a woman of many men, but her true love was only one, actor Luis Sandrini who finally left her for a younger actress.. A celebrated critic said of her “She is the most temperamental, vehement actresses on the national scene and interprets tangos as an actress, for her each tango is a little theater play”