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1939, October 9 – BIRTH OF ERNESTO ACHER

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Leader – born in Buenos Aires, he studied piano and clarinet as a youth but finally completed his studies in Architecture…his career has included having been a composer, actor, instrument designer, choir master, singer, stand up comedian, and orchestra leader; he plays over thirty different instruments…for 15 years he was a member of Les Luthiers, a comedy musical group highly popular throughout South America……


In 1975 he had his first foray into symphonic music by composing “Teresa y el Oso” (Therese and the Bear) for Les Luthiers…this led to a commission for the soundtrack composition of a Carlos Jerusalinsky film which earned him a first prize…For the stage production ‘Muchas Gracias de Nada‘, he sang lead vocals on the opening number (‘La campana suonerá’)…when asked how it was possible for him to learn so many musical instruments and do theater,  he said  “I majored in architecture”


  • CLICK HERE – to see Ernesto Acher conduct his critically acclaimed ,  “40 Choclos”,  a fusion of Mozart’s Symphony 40 and “El Choclo” by Angel Villoldo