1927, October 6 – DEBUT OF ALBERTO VILLA

Singer – (born September 25, 1903, Libra):  he was a bank official in Montevideo who, since childhood, dreamt of being a singer like his idol Carlos Gardel…in August of 1927, at the age of 24, he concocts an excuse to leave the bank early and hurries to a private audition with the group Atienenses… singing the popular tango “Siga El Corso“, a stunned Alberto is selected…his official debut, on October 6, at the Solis Theater, received with great acclaim, launches a glorious career ..


He received rave reviews for his first film “Radio Bar” in 1936…there followed a series of film performances,  including “Se conocieron en la Argentina” in the United States with Maureen O’hara, in which he sings in both Spanish and English…He returned to Buenos Aires where the accolades mounted in over 14 films, radio and stage performances…in the full bloom of  fame and a success, hesuddenly gives it all up to pursue another dream, entrepreneurship…retired and living in Montevideo, he passed away suddenly the age of 78 due to a heart attack surrounded by his family, his friends and his memories


CLICK HEREhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyIFXPWRdqc to hear Alberto sing “Adios Argentina” written by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez with lyrics by Fernan Silva Valdes

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