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1933, October 5 – PREMIERE OF “ESPERAME”

Film – “Esperame” (wait for me) directed by French director Luis Gasnier, premiered on this date at the Cine Real in Buenos Aires…it was filmed at Paramount Studios in Jollyville France…the script for the film was written by Alfredo Le Pera and the music was composed by Carlos Gardel, Don Aspiazu, and Marcel Lattes …(Marcel Lattes, French pianist and composer, would eventually die in Auschwitz)


Rosario, played by Spanish dancer Goyita Herrero is in love with Carlos de Acuna, played by Carlos Gardel but her father has chosen someone else for her…Carlos de Acuna is a singer in a cafe in a town somewhere in Spain; Rosario is herself a singer and a dancer…After many vicissitudes,  a key witness reveals to the father the unscrupulous nature of the man he had chosen and Rosita and Carlos are blissfully united…in the final scene, Gardel and Goyita charm the audience by singing together the rumba “Por Tus Ojos Negros”