1927, October 4 – BIRTH of VIRGINIA LUQUE

Singer (libra) – she was born in Buenos Aires at the Rivadavia Hospital, the same one where Azucena Maizani was born and who would be a model for Virginia…at the age of 12 her father entered her in a singing contest on Radio Belgrano and won….still a teenager, she became a regular on radio programs singing boleros and spanish songs…She entered the tango world in 1946 when Francisco Canaro had her sing his “Si Tu Mi Quisieras” in his play “La Cancion del los                                                        Barrios”…


At the age of 16 she stared in her first film “La Querra La Gano Yo”…the critics and the public responded favorably and other films were to follow in quick succession; by the age of 22 she had already starred in a total of 7 films…her first major role was  in the film “La Historia del Tango” with renown actor Fernando Lamas where inspite of being only 22, she played a mature woman to great acclaim; in her career shewould star in over 30 films…….She recorded three LPs in Spain and one in Israel, singing in Yiddish; she made recordings in Galician, French and Portuguese….She made over a hundred trips in her career and was especially beloved in Japan


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