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1920, October 3 – BIRTH OF MYRNA MORES

Singer (Libra) – she and her sister Margarita were encouraged from a very early age by their mother who was herself a singer…they formed a duo and when Myrna was only 17, they premiered  on radio on the program “La Voz del Aires”…At the academy where they studied, their music teacher was Mariano Martinez and eventually he joined them forming El Trio Mores…he adopted their name; he became Mariano Mores, a name destined to become legendary in the tango world …in time he would fall in love with Myrna and marry her…


In 1938 the trio was contracted by renown Japanese composer Masao Koga to record three of his tangos, ….another early success “Flor De Hastio” was written by Mariano Mores….it is for the trio that Mariano wrote “Cuartito Azul”, destined to become a great tango classic…he was inspired by the small apartment he rented in Palermo to be near Myrna and it is to her that he dedicates the piece…In 1942 Myrna cut short a promising career to devote herself to her family but it was a move that she neverregreted…much later, viewing a great musical family that spanned three generations,  she said, “rasing a family was more important than show business…when I see my family today, I see that I made the right decision”


  • CLICK HERE to see the Mores family performing “Cuartito Azul”….Mariano Mores is himself at the piano, the female vocalist is his daughter Silvia Mores and male singer is his grandson Gabriel Mores