1945, October 2 – RECORDING OF “A PAN Y AGUA”

Recording – Juan Carlos Cobian composed “A Pan Y Agua” (“On Bread and Water”) while he was essentially under arrest for having failed to respond to a military draft; he was twenty three years old…it was recorded by singer Angel Vargas with the orchestra of Angel D’Agostino; the lyrics by Enrique Cadicamo…..the lyrcis are the melancholic narration of a man who, while listening to a tango, remembers his old Palermo neighborhood, old friends, glasses of champagne and that girl  that he loved and had removed from his memory…it was an instant hit in 1945 and remains a popular in milongas sixty five years later….Juan Carlos Cobian and Enrique Cadicamo would combine their talents to produce another hit, the immortal “Los Mareados”


Angel Vargas was born on October 22, 1904 (Libra) in Buenos Aires whose streets first exposed him tango as a young man and where his dreams of becoming a singer first began to take root…it was his fateful combination in 1940 with the Angel D’Agostino Orchestra, through 94 recordings, which would one day turn him into a legend in tango history…later with his own orchestra he recorded 86 tangos including great hits like “No Aflojes” and “Adios Arrabal”…he passed away at the age of 54, up until the last moment filled with enthusiasm for his tango world


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