1922, September 25 – birth of “LUNATICO”, GARDEL’S HORSE

“Lunatico” (Libra)  was Gardel’s first horse and the only one with whom he made any money…Gardel paid 5000 pesos for him and earned $ 72.450 in four years…Lunatico made his debut on April 26, 1925, in a 1,200- meter distance; he finished third; the place bet paid $ 5,20…He raced 36 times in all – he won 10,  he was second in 6, third in 8, fourth in 6, fifth in 1…For most of his career he was ridden by the renown jockey Irineo Leguisamo who became a close of friend of Gardel’s..


After its racing career Lunatico was taken to a farm in the province of Santa Fe to stud; in 1933 its grateful owner ordered that it be taken to open field and be allowed  to live its remaining days in total freedom….many tangos were inspired by the horse races including “Por una Cabezawritten by Gardelhimself…Gardel used to bet by means of telegrams sent to his proxy in Buenos Aires but he as well attended the race courses of Montevideo, Paris and New York while he was on tour


  • CLICK HEREhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dStp5hq294 to hear Gardel sing “Por Una Cabeza” (by a head)…the text is the bitter tale of a man trapped between two fires: his passion for race horses and an a morbid passion for a beautiful and evil woman who lies to him and finally rejects him

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