1914, September 21 – 1st “BAILE DEL INTERNADO”

The first ball held at the Palais de Glace…..In the early days of the 20th century, the interns of the teaching hospitals would hold a milonga each year on the first day of spring… for each dance an orchestra was hired with the obligation of composing a tango for the ocassion…it also became a tradition to organize in them, the most grotesque pranks  using severed body parts from the morque…


Many tangos were written for and premiered in those balls…“El Matasano” was written by Francisco Canaro to celebrate the first such dance…others included  “Clinicas” (medical departments), “El Cirujano” (the surgeon),  “Anatomia” (anatomy), “El Serrucho” (the saw), “Cura Segura” (sure cure), “Aqui se Vacuna” (here we vaccinate) “la Muela Careada” (the infected tooth)...”El Once” by Osvaldo Fresedo (born May 5, 1897, Taurus) is homage to the last ball in 1924 and one he wrote improvising at the last moment. During one of those famous pranks, a student was accidently killed and thereafter theballs were banned.


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