1954, September 19 – JUAN PERON OVERTHROWN

The coup that ousted Peron (born, October 8, 1895, Libra) had profound consequences for tango…. Peron had been a nationalist and a populist and tango was both national and popular…Peron did not hesitate to use tango to further his political aims…the tango “Una Carta Para Italia” for example was critisized as shameless propaganda…the new military government was made up of members of the upper classes, whose innate classism made tango alien and dangerous…many famous tango artist had been involved with the Peronist movement…premiere among them was the legendary Enrique Santos Discepolo whose popular radio commentary was to make a big difference…


Juan Peron actually attributed his electoral victory to the women’s vote and Discepolo’s radio commentary…later of course the anti Peronists would viciously ostracize Discepolo and he would die from a broken heart at the age of fifty…but not all tango artists were in favor with the regime; the great Libertad Lamarque for example was blackballed by Eva Peron and Libertad had to move to Mexico where she was beloved by the Mexican public as one of their own…the post Peron regime had an instinctive negative reaction to anything having to do with tango… many of those same artists were either imprisoned or blacklisted and laws restricting the gathering of young people were inforced only in tango clubs thus inadvertently ushering in the new rock and roll culture


    • Thomas Keenes
    • December 4th, 2011

    The coup was in 1955, not 1954.

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