1896, September 13 – birth of TITO LUSIARDO

Dancer (Virgo) – he was born in El Ferrol but raised in the neighborhood of San Telmo in Buenos Aires… …as a young man of 14 he was selected to carry the tail of the dress of Princess Isabella of Spain when she was in Buenos Aires for the Centennial of 1910..he started working as a stage hand for the Teatro Nacional.


His break came in 1918 when he acted and danced, in a borrowed tuxedo,  in the play “El Cabaret”… from then on he was a favorite with the critics…he would appear in innumerable stage productions and  nearly 40 movies always playing essentially the same part, the happy-go-lucky dancer…in March of 1977 as a guest on “Grandes Valores del Tango”, he suffered a stroke from which he never recovered passing away 5 years later.


  • CLICK HERE –  http://tinyurl.com/TLuis to see Tito dance in the film “Buenas Noches Buenos Aires”, 1969,…he is dancing to a milonga called “La Trampera” written by Anibal Troilo who is shown briefly in the clip playing his the bandoneon
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