1904, September 11 – CARLOS GARDEL IS DETAINED

Singer (birth 11 December 1890) Sagittarius – detained as a runaway, someone perhaps his mother Berta Gardes, identifies him the day after…to the police the young Gardel declares his age as 14, his birthplace as Toulouse France and his profession as “typographer”…in fact, he was a brilliant student in typography; a certificate from Colegio Pio IX issued on November 3, 1901 awards him first prize.


Gardel was always good in school…at Colegio San Estanislao records indicate that he was an outstanding student…at Colegio Pio IX he had received the honor “Digno de Albanza” for his academic excellence…the details of the runaway incident are not known but at age 16 he quits school to devote himself to singing and in time become the greatest tango legend in history


  • CLICK HERE – http://tinyurl.com/GardelTangoBar to hear him sing and dance in the film “Tango Bar” directed by John Reinhardt and  premiering  in 1935…it was to be Gardel’s last film as soon after he dies in a plane wreck in Medellin Colombia
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