1941, September 9 – recording of “ADIOS ARRABAL”

Recording – singer Angel Vargas (born Oct 22, 1904 – Libra) – recorded this tango on this date with the Angel D’agostino orchestra with whom he sang between 1940 – 1946….it was a major hit and has remained popular tangos in milongas and performances…Angel D’agostino was one of the few orchestra leaders who was also a dancer and hence his whole approach to tango was that it be danceable…he came from a family of musicians immigrants from Italy…one of his biggest fans was Eva Peron who gave a special custom-made clock of which only three were made


D’agostino was a skilled gambler and stubborn bachelor and a close friend of legendary poet Enrique Cadicamo with whom he made a pact to never marry; Cadicamo would break the pact when he finally married a twenty year old girl at the age of fifty…D’agostino would never again speak with him however their collaboration would lead to great hits like “A Pan Y Agua”…the lyrics of “Adios Arrabal” are the narration of a grown man who has come back to the old, now darken neighborhood, empty of the tough guys and the girls hanging on balconies… he invokes his deceased mother asking her forgiveness for his wayward ways and the nightlife  which he still misses…he asks her about the young girl whom he loved and  has never forgotten … “goodbye arrabal porteno, I was your slave and also your master and now I give you my last goodbye”


  • CLICK HEREhttp://tinyurl.com/AArabal to hear “Adios Arrabal” sung by Angel Vargas written in 1930 by Juan Bauer with Lyrics by Carlos Lenzi

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