1933, August 31 – birth of SUSY LEIVA

 Singer (Virgo) – born in Buenos Aires and raised in Mendoza, she began singing as a teenager…her first break occurred when she was invited to sing on Radio Belgrano where she garnered great acclaim…a key event in her career occurred on May 1, 1954 where at an annual convention of unions, presided over by Juan Peron, she won “Miss Workers’ Day”… she was invited to join the Juan Canaro orchestra with whom she  toured Japan and several south american countries.


In Mexico at the house of Libertad Lamarque,  Mariano Mores happened to be present and an impromptu performance impressed him so much that he asked her to join his orchestra. She began to sing his composition “Frente al Mar” which catapulted her to great fame and was to become her trademark tango. Returning from a performance in Rosario, with her husband at the wheel, they crashed into a trailer hitch and she died instantly at the age of 31.


  •  CLICK HEREhttp://tiny.cc/SLeiva to hear Susy sing her trademark tango “Frente al Mar”   from the film  “Buenas Noches Buenos Aires” written by Mariano Mores with lyrics by Rodolfo Taboada
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