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1917, August 29 – birth of ARMANDO PONTIER

Composer, Leader, Bandoneonist (Virgo) – he was born in the province of Zarate in the outskirts of Buenos Aires to a very poor family…his dream was to play piano, but that was too expensive…one day his father shows up with a bargain bandoneon  which he had bought from a street vendor . His first orchestra was one he formed with his childhood friend Enrique Francini…their break came when they were invited to play at the grand opening of Tango Bar , September  1, 1945.


As a composer he was at his greatest; he wrote some of the most beloved tangos in history; e.g.,  “Trenzas”, “Cada Dia Te Estrano Mas”. “Corazon No Le Hagas Caso”…about tango he said, “tango is no accident..a person who loves tango had  tango when he was still in his mother’s womb”. On Christmas Day of 1983, after of a sustained period of depression, he took his own life.


  • CLICK HERE to hear the Pontier/Francini orchestra play one of Pontier’s most beloved compositions “Margo” written in 1945 (lyrics by Homero Exposito)