Alberto Moran, singer (Pisces) – after 10 years with the Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra, following a trend of the 50s, he broke out on his own, recording 2 tangos; “No Te Enganes Corazon” (don’t deceive yourself heart) and “Avergonzado” (shamed)…for the recording he comissioned the pianist Armando Cupo to form a back up orchestra.


Moran arrived in Buenos Aires a poor boy of 4  from the town of Strevi in Northern Italy…he had little schooling and in fact he never studied either music or singing. Discovered by Pugliese, in time he was to become an idol, retaining popularity even after a bohemian lifestyle had greatly diminished his singing voice.


  • CLICK HERE http://tinyurl.com/AlMoran to hear Moran with the Armando Cupo orchestra singing  “Mas Solo Que Nunca” (more alone than ever) written by Federico Leone in 1944 (lyrics by Enrique Dizeo)
  1. June 6th, 2011

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