1937 August 22 – birth of RAUL LAVIE

Singer (Leo)…born in Rosario…when he made the move to Buenos Aires as a very young man, he had already sung to great acclaim on Radio Belgrano and Radio El Mundo…his early break came when he was recruited to sing with the Hector Varela orchestra.


His voice and his charm gave him success even in the 60s which, with the ascendancy of rock, was a difficult period for tango singers…in addition he has had great success as an actor in musicals, theater and films… among these were acclaimed  tours with “The Man of La Mancha”, “Maria de Buenos Aires” and the tango show “Tango Argentino”…he has starred in over 17 films.


  • CLICK HERE http://tinyurl.com/RLavie to hear him sing “Barrio de Tango” written in 1942 by Anibal Troilo (lyrics by Homero Manzi)

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