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1922, Aug 21 – birth of JUAN CARLOS GODOY

Singer (Leo) – born in the city of Campana in the outskirts of Buenos Aires…at the age of 14 the family moves to the neighborhood La Boca…he got hooked on tango when he heard Augustin Magaldi sing live…as a young boy he worked as a farm hand at harvest time and  in the evening they would get together and sing; thus he got hooked on singing.


Working in the Ministry of Public Works he would forfeit his weekly salary to gambling debts…he was about to give up singing to devote himself to a “serious” job to provide  for his family. One evening he was invited to dinner at a friend’s house and he sang for the guests…among the guests was a violinist who told him that Ricardo Tanturi’s orchestra was looking for a singer… at the audition he sang “Griseta” and he was hired. His career has taken him all over the world.


  • CLICK HERE – to hear hear him, at the age of 90, sing “Qien Tiene tu Amore” (who has your love now) music and lyrics by Leopoldo Diaz Velez c. 1958