1908 August 18 – birth of ERNESTO FAMA

SingerLeo…in the neighborhood of San Cristobal…inspired by Carlos Gardel he dreams of being a singer…while still a boy, his break comes when the chief of police gets him an audition in the National Theater.


His career blooms in recordings with great orchestras, radio, theater, films and in Paris he meets his idol Carlos Gardel… but by the age of 35 he had done it all and he retires from singing.


  • CLICK HERE  http://bit.ly/ErFama to see him sing “Yo no se Porque te Quiero” (I don’t know why I love you) with the Francisco Canaro orchestra (written by Francisco Pelay; Lyrics by Ivo Pelay)
  1. Dear Oscar and Maria
    Congratulations on your wonderful site. You have done a great job! This is obviously a labor of love. You give a great deal to tango and ask little in return. The tango needs more like you.
    With gratitude and respect,

  2. Thanks alot Chas….do you have any suggestions for improving the site…we are just getting started and there is so much work still to accomplish…come visit is in Rome…we’ll take care of you

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