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1905, August 17 – birth of ADA FALCON

Singer…(Leo)….born in the center of Buenos Aires…rumored to have been the love child of an argentine nobleman…she begins to sing at age five as “La Joyita Argentina” (the little Argentinean jewel)….at age 13 she stars in her first film “El Festin de Los Caranchos”


She becomes immensely rich and famous…conceited, haughty, accused of acting like “an american diva”…suddenly at age of 37 she mysteriously gives up everything  and enters a monastery of tertiary nuns to live in poverty…she never said why but some think that it was because of her tragic love with Francisco Canaro


  • CLICK HERE to hear her sing Ilusion Marina”, c. 1930, written by Antonio Sureda (lyrics by Jeronimo Sureda)